Cooking Channel turns 1

Coming home really late Saturday night, and being a nocturnal creature, I decided to watch some TV. I end up on the Cooking Channel, watching Bitchin’ Kitchen. For those of you who don’t watch it… you ought to. Nadia G is one of the most hilarious (and beautiful) chefs out there. Anyways, I decided to comment on BK’s facebook page about how much I was enjoying this episode of date night foods (entitled “Bag ‘em and Tag ‘em), and noticed an event at the side of my screen titled “Meet Nadia G in NYC!” I saw this, and was like, ok, so I met Cobra Starship, I met 3OH!3, I even met the Power Rangers for gds sake. I have to continue my destiny and meet the people I look up to. And not only was Nadia gonna be there, but so was Rachael Ray and Kelsey Nixon. Rachael is sort of a household regular, up there with Martha; everyone knows about 30 minute meals, her daytime talk show and all her other projects. Kelsey was in the top 4 of Food Networks season 4 of Next Food Network Star. I actually remember watching and rooting for her, and being really upset that she lost (meanwhile, she showed them with a show of her own on Cooking Channel! so HAHA foodtv!). Ben Sargent (of Hook, Line, and Dinner) was also there… just throwing that out there so he doesn’t feel neglected.

So anywho, this event was to celebrate the Cooking Channels 1st birthday. I said to myself, I gotta be there. If they can spare 5 min to talk to me about food, awesome. If they’re too busy and I get placed in the “sorry, thanks for coming” bowl a la Anne Burrell, so be it. I got up, got dressed, grabbed a notepad and headed off to Manhattan’s Chelsea Market. Let me I tell you, this place is actually kinda awesome. Plenty of variety, and an awesome kitchen supplies store. So after I toured the market, I waited outside so I could hold down an awesome spot to take pix and hopefully talk to some of the celebrity chefs I aspire to emulate. The food truck was handing out free blueberry gelato for the occasion. Rachael was in and out like lightning, but she did all the talking before she left (see video below). I used my sexy smile & DDS label to speak to the right people and I got to meet Nadia and Kelsey, and interview each of them! Their interviews will be posted here soon. Be sure to check back!

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