Interview with Nadia Giosia, Host of “Bitchin Kitchen”

You all know I’ve met a few celebrities. It’s no secret. Cobra Starship. The Power Rangers. 3OH!3. Kelsey Nixon. Some, like Cobra Starship, will probably never be my patients. Others, like the Power Rangers, will set up playdates for their kids and mine some day. But someone I can count on to make me laugh and to create amazingly delicious food is Nadia Giosia, host of Cooking Channel’s “Bitchin Kitchen.”  If you don’t already watch her show, you should start. The comedienne has been running her own online cooking show for the last seven years, and created the first show ever to bloom from the internet and blossom to television.

This Montreal girl will have you laughing every second of every show. Her “Nadvice” has never led me astray, from dealing with break ups, break ins, and anything in between. Themed episodes with titles like “Bag ‘em and tag ‘em” and “Break Up Bonanza” and “Rehab Recipes” teach you to cook scrumptious delicacies for various occasions, like bagging a hottie patottie and making sure they stay reeled in, sending off your no-longer-loved-one with style, and getting over that hangover from hell (which I needed after my boards this weekend, or after a hearty Tuesday Boozeday). Oh, and who needs Rosetta Stone? Watch 2 episodes and you’ll be fluent in Italian. The Nadster is helped by her 3 associates, Panos the Fish Guy, Yekhezkel Mizrahi the Spice Agent, and Hans the exceptionally muscular Wine Expert. Here is my interview with the coolest chef this side of the Atlantic, when I met her at the Cooking Channel’s first birthday celebration in NYC this past June. And be sure to tune in November 2nd for the season 2 premiere of Bitchin Kitchen on Cooking Channel.

Me: Hi Nadia, Nice to meet you!

Nadia: Nice to meet you too!

M: So, how did you get into this whole cooking thing?

N: I saw my family cooking all the time, come from a long line of fierce female cooks, my mom, my grandma, my aunt, and all the wild stuff went down in the kitchen. Its where we had our biggest laughs and best conversations. For me, cooking is not just about food, its about everything that surrounds the food.

M: Did you have any other careers before you entered the world of celebrity chef-ism?

N: Yea, I did some comedy online, I would do a lot of comedy songs. One of the songs is actually called “I’m never drinking again” and I actually did it for Bitchin Kitchen for the “Rehab Recipe’s” episode. I also used to design sites for other people and do branding consultation & all that kinda stuff. I also designed the BK site, I run the social media tangent of our business. I’m all about the 1’s and 0’s.

M: What inspires your cooking?


M: Smart answer, it inspires mine too!

M: Are you ever asked to cook with restrictions, like for vegans or kosher people like myself?

N: Sure, and by the way, I find a great replacement for pork to be smoked duck. Honestly smoked duck prosciutto is fantastic. I feel bad for people who don’t eat pork because its so delicious, but duck is like pork… but with wings. So good! duck sausages, etc, all of that stuff can replace pork in any recipe. (By the way, both Nadia and Kelsey said this independently of each other)

M: Any tips for home cooks?

N: Don’t be afraid to make a mess. cooking takes time and as long as you continue to be adventurous and not afraid to get your hands dirty or the kitchen dirty for that matter, it’ll be all good. You’ll get indigestion either way, haha.

M: How do you combine different ingredients to create new recipes? How do you know what to mix with what?

N: Over the years, ingredients an become like a vocabulary, and with time you expand that caramel, and take similar tastes and rearrange them, like using Fleur de Sel in caramel instead of a regular salt, etc.

M: Do you prefer Family style cooking, or single portion?

N: I like both, but family style gives me anxiety, like “I had one chop, my buddy had 2, theres only one left, who gets it?!??!” So i like having my own portion so I dont have to stress about someone taking the last piece of duck proscuitto or any of my other tasty meals.


N: He is the best. We found him through a friend of a friend, brought him to the casting and we’re like, this guy is crazy we love him

(I think his real name is Ben Shaouli lol)

M: You use many foreign words on BK. What is “Shkoff?” It sounds like you interchange the  words, in context to mean eating or placing something somewhere. What is going on?!?!

N: It’s all Italian. Shkoff means to eat. Schkiaff means to slap. Example, I’m gonna Schkiaff some ketchup on my bun and Schkoff this burger… Or I’ll just give you a couple of schkiaffs.

Oh Nadia. I’ll take a “schkiaff” from you any ol’ day. Follow Bitchen Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter @BitchinKitchen and tune in November 2nd to catch the premiere of Season 2. Trust me, you won’t wanna miss this. And go out and get her new cookbook, too.

Special thanks to Niki Turkington, Angelique Picanco, and of course, Nadia Giosia.

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