Falafel Burgers

Falafel. Synonyms include Heartburn, Israeli, and Hairy Chest. Basically all the things that make good dates go bad. But not this falafel! These burgers will have you and your date fighting under the bedsheets, not over the Pepto. Trust me, I’m your doctor, and I do not say Mylanta.


1 medium size regular eggplant, cut in half

1 medium size rosa bianca eggplant (the small purple and white striped eggplant), cut in half

1 large clove garlic


olive oil

1-2 tbsp prepared smooth hummus + 1 tsp sesame oil

OR 1-2 tbsp prepared tehini sauce.

Preheat oven to 450F. Line a cookie sheet with foil and generously coat with olive oil or cooking spray. Lay the eggplants, cut side up, on the cookie sheet and coat with olive oil. Season with salt and bake for 30-45 minutes until the eggplant is roasted through and cooked.

Scoop out the flesh of the eggplants in to a bowl. Chop the garlic very finely with your knife. Add 1tsp salt and mash the chopped garlic together with the salt with the flat of the knife until you get a paste. Add this paste to the eggplant, together with the hummus/sesame oil or tehini sauce. Combine using a potato masher or a fork to break up the eggplant flesh. Set aside.

Israeli Salad:

1/2 pint grape tomatoes, chopped

1 israeli cucumber, chopped

1 shallot or 1/2 small red onion, chopped

2-3 tbsp cilantro, chopped

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 tbsp olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix. Set aside.

Falafel Burgers:

1 3oz packet instant falafel mix

1 15.5 oz can chick peas, drained and mashed

1 tsp Zahtar seasoning (optional)

1 egg

1 tbsp water

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix until well incorporated, and set aside for 5 minutes. Set a large skillet over medium heat with 3-4 tbsp olive oil. Separate the falafel batter into 4 portions and form each one into a patty. Fry for about 3-5 minutes on the first side, or until golden brown. Flip and fry 2-3 minutes on the other side, or until golden brown. Set onto a plate lined with paper towels to drain

Putting it together:

1 burger bun per person

A side dollop of hummus or tehini

Spread the Babaganoush on each half of your bread. Place a falafel burger on top, and then add your salad. Enjoy!

Side note: you can turn these into sliders by making little mini falafel burgers.

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