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Night Shades…

I am not a man of mystery. If you’ve spent more than 3 minutes in my company, you’ll immediately know that I’m a dentist, I love to cook, and I am a Cobra Starship groupie. Not a hardcore crazy person who follows them to every single concert or knows where they live or anything, but definitely fan enough to have met them, listen to their music daily, have at least one to ten of their songs in any given playlist on my iTunes, and sing “Good Girls Go Bad” in the shower.  Ok fine so maybe I am hardcore.  They are the reason I joined Twitter, the reason I met Jordan Galland, and led to me being introduced to Bryce GruberRenee Schmidt, & Gary Randall and then developing this blog. Good things happen to me because of this band. The Cobra’s released their fourth album this summer, “Night Shades,” recognizable for the summer hit, “You Make Me Feel…” featuring Sabi.

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