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Choconana cupcakes

So I go into my kitchen and start getting all my ingredients ready to make my Banana Muffins, cuz they were just so good that I wanted more. Lots more. So I get my banana’s and butter and sugar and I go to get the flour. Wait. Where’s the flour?! WHERES THE FLOUR?!?! Ok so I’m all out of flour. No banana muffins :( but then, like a ray of golden sunlight, I spy with my little eye something…. chocolatey. Yes, I had found a box of chocolate cake mix. Eureka! And so, Choconana Cupcakes were born. And let me tell you, Semi-Homemade just got SOOO much better. Moist and delicious, 24 of these little cakes just is not enough. Instead of Frosting I served a la mode with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Its like a banana split :)

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