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Koshericious: Sauce Edition

Don’t know what kind of a sauce to make for your chicken, steak, duck, turkey, pasta, fish, mashed potatoes, or any other dish? Try out these creations. My non dairy versions of classic french sauces, Buerre Blanc and Buerre Rouge. And try out the dishes I made each one with as well, Squash Ravioli, and Beef Steaks. Try this out on your next #TuesdayBoozeday.

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Boeuf Rouge

Red wine. Beef. Potatoes. In one meal. Forealzies. Sexy, sinful, scrumptious. Bring protection.

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Pesto Sauce – Pareve

Pesto sauce is great in a variety of different dishes. This recipe is great in the summer. I created something different from the usual Basil and Pine Nut pesto, and it tastes amazing. You can make this with any single or combination of herbs and nuts you like.

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